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January 24, at Jenn's

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

January Book Selection. "A Week In Winter" by Maeve Binchy

We learned a lot!

It was an interesting book and an interesting discussion!  So thankful for the truth of God's word! Thanks, Selina, for having us in your lovely home!  Great food, friends, and fellowship!

Saturday, November 26, 2016


What was the first thing you read that "clued you in" that Mormonism is not the same as Christianity?
The author said on page 236, that her son understood that a person's relationship with God will be more solid the more that person turns to God and to His Word rather than relying on the testimony of others.  Do you agree with that?  
What are some things you learned from reading this book?
What, if anything, shocked you in this book?
Did you find it easy to read?  Why or why not?

Saturday, October 22, 2016


Did you enjoy this book?  Why or why not?
What did you think of the writing style?
I thought it was fun to read right before the holidays!  Do you agree or disagree?

What lessons did you get from reading this book?....(Like, "it's ok to gossip, if it's true".....not!!)
Do you think Alice's motto "pray about everything and worry about nothing" was a good one?  Do you find this easy to do?  Do you have any ideas about ways to put this into practice?

Which room would you want to stay in?  Why?
Which character did you relate to most?  Why?
Do you want to read the rest of the series?